Transgender Hormone Therapy:

Empowering Your Gender Affirmation Path

Gender Affirming Hormone therapy is a transformative treatment that involves the administration of bio-identical hormones to facilitate the transition to your desired gender. Whether you identify as trans masculine, trans feminine, or non-binary, our goal is to provide knowledge and understanding throughout your hormone therapy journey. With an emphasis on personalized treatment plans, regular monitoring, and open communication, we are committed to providing inclusive and affirming care. Your treatment plan will be adjusted to ensure your expectations are met. We acknowledge the unique challenges faced by individuals on their transition path and strive to be a trusted resource. A letter from a mental health professional is not mandatory prior to beginning hormone therapy.

Throughout your journey we are committed to:

  • Always fully acknowledging the difficult past and present experiences including emotional trauma, rejection, and negativity.
  • Supporting your decision to transition without discrimination based on gender assignment.

What to Expect During Hormone Therapy Treatment:

    • Safe and effective prescribed hormone treatment.
    • Regular monitoring, lab tests, and adjustments as needed.
    • Open communication to ensure your transition aligns with your desired sense of self.

Patient Forms 

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Understanding Your Personalized Treatment Plan

  • Trans Masculine Patients:

    • Testosterone prescribed and closely monitored through regular lab tests and visits.
    • Achieve a testosterone level that promotes emotional and physical well-being

    Trans Feminine Patients:

    • Estrogen prescribed, along with medications like Spironolactone or Finasteride to suppress natural testosterone production. Hormone levels monitored through lab tests to ensure optimal hormone balance.

    Non-Binary Individuals:

    • Hormone therapy to better align with a unique gender identity.
    • Informed discussions and personalized treatment plans to make hormone therapy accessible and tailored to specific needs.